Body Hair Transplants

It seems like a majority of men with excess body hair (especially on the chest and back) are also balding on their scalp. Excess dihydrotestosterone (DHT) affects follicles on the scalp and body in opposite ways that are both usually undesirable due to our social conditioning by the media. In reality, we have almost the same DNA as those cute chimps/gorillas/orangutans, so this phenomenon should be normal, even in women. An increasing number of hair transplant surgeons now offer body hair to head follicular unit hair transplants (BHT).

Body Hair to Head Hair Transplants

Crazy as it sounds, as the pictures and links below suggest, this type of surgery is becoming more common these days and seems to work to an extent. One needs to think twice about getting rid of body hair if one is also considering getting a hair transplant in the future. And if you do get a hair transplant, please do a ton of research on the numerous hair transplant forums on the web. Choosing the right surgeon is critical, and remember that a hair transplant will never make you look like you were a teenager again despite what pictures seem to suggest.

Always shave your head before you make a final decision on getting a hair transplant. You will be surprised at how much freedom it might bring, not to mention the money you will save if you end up liking the shaved look. Issues to consider when moving body hair to the scalp include scarring, type of body hair being moved and its anagen/catagen/telogen hair cycle, effect on hyperhidrosis if removing hair from certain parts of the body, texture of hair being moved and much more.

I will add more relevant links and especially patient photos/blogs as I find them. If you see any, be sure to shoot me an e-mail

Dr. Ray Woods (Australia)

Dr. Woods new site. Try to find his first famous original BHT patients “Timetested” and “Justin”.

His YouTube channel.

Hairsite page on Dr. Woods BHT

Dr. Arvind Poswal (India — most active surgeon in the world at BHT)

His website’s BHT section

His excellent blog

Excellent almost daily video updates in a blog format of Scientist’s procedure in November 2005

Another less frequently updated blog by Dr. A’s patient — CheckingIn1 — who had the procedure in December 2005

A monthly updated blog by uimhrt who had the procedure in 2006

A regularly updated blog by Randy, who had the procedure in April 2007

Dr. John Cole (USA — Atlanta)

His website’s BHT section

Dr. Sanusi Umar (USA — Los Angeles)

His website

Dr. Bishan Mahadevia (India — Not heard much about him, but he is a member of the ISHRS and has a nice website)

His website’s BHT section

DHI (Greece — Experimenting with BHT thus far it seems)

Their website’s BHT section

Dr. Bijan Feriduni (Belgium)

His website’s BHT section