10 Year Laser Hair Removal Update in Indian Skin

It is not often that someone with dark skin updates us on their laser hair removal before and after results. Getting someone to do so on a regular basis for 10 years is even rarer. Luckily, “Makeup by Megha” has done just that for us, and it is invaluable. Most significantly, she is of East Indian (or South Asian) ethnicity.

It is almost impossible to get to see results and hear testimonials from people with Indian skin types here in the US. Partly because they make up less than two percent of the population. The vast majority of laser hair removal testimonials come from people of Caucasian origin who have fair skin and dark body hair (the best possible combination to see excellent results). During the past few years, we are also seeing more laser hair removal reviews from African Americans.

Megha got laser hair removal on her whole body! At an unbelievably low cost of just $600 for 6 initial treatments. She went to Skin Matters in Atlanta, where the current full body laser hair removal price is $998 for 8 sessions. Megha advises to check Groupon and Living Social for discount specials.

Great Laser Hair Removal Results in an Indian Female

I am glad to hear that Megha is delighted with her results. It also seems like she did not get any of the dreaded side effects of using lasers on dark skin (e.g., hyperpigmentation).

In Megha’s 10 year results video report below, she even shows us some of her sparse remaining hair on her legs. Very impressive. I am guessing that she must have received treatment from old laser technology 10 plus years ago.

According to her earlier videos, her first treatment involved the Polymer laser. Later ones involved the Candela laser (I assume the Nd:YAG version). I will ask her to elaborate. As is common, the armpits gave the best results in terms of permanency. However, I am also very impressed with the minimal new hair growth on her legs.

10 Year Before and After Results

June 18, 2021:

5 Year Before and After Results

March 11, 2016:

Below are her earlier updates:

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