Triton Laser from InMode

In 2018, InMode launched an interesting multi-wavelength hair removal laser that could be used to treat both light skinned and dark skinned patients. The product comes with two hand-pieces:

  1. Triton Duo Light. Emits a unique blend of three wavelengths. Best for treating light hair and skin types I to III. Uses the 755nm Alexandrite and 810nm Diode lasers. Duo Light is supposedly the only “simultaneous multi-wavelength technology” per the manufacturer’s website.
  2. Triton Duo Dark: Uses the 810nm Diode and 1064nm Nd:YAG wavelengths simultaneously. Best used to effectively and safely treat darker skin types. Operates at a high peak power output and comes with the company’s 3P Cooling technology.

I have not seen much new information about this laser in recent years. The latest video on the Triton Duo Dark from InMode seems to be only from 2018:

Even on Instagram (#tritonlaser), you do not see much on the use of Triton Duo Dark lasers for treating darker skinned individuals. Most recent videos seem to be about people with lighter fair skin. In any event, this is an interesting product, so I decided to write this short post on yet another treatment option.